Transformational Leader Series

Our workshops are affordable, timely, and open to the public. Attendees find an environment for networking, sharing, benchmarking, brainstorming, and learning. You will have the opportunity to explore and examine issues facing your community, and help shape future workshop offerings.

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The LEADERSHIP experience has an immediate, positive effect on the participants, their organizations, and the community. Each person is better informed and more skilled in active community leadership. Leadership Centre County graduates are making a positive difference by actively serving our community everywhere, every day.

Hear stories from Community Leadership Program alumni on how Leadership Centre County has helped them impact their community.

“Don’t think twice about it. Do it. Find a way to be a part of it. Every minute you spend in LEADERSHIP makes it worth it”

— Rob DeMayo, Class of 2018

“I learned a lot, I thought a lot, I laughed a lot, I cried a lot, I listened a lot, I participated a lot. Result? I became so much more.”

— Dawn Deppe, Class of 2011