Alumni Impact

Elevating Leadership Centre County.

“You will become inspired and motivated to be a change agent for our community.”

Mi A Kim


Mi is now retired from a career at Penn State that spanned 34 years of service. His time at Penn State included his tenure as instructor for Penn State Engineering Institute, a HVAC Systems Specialist, and an Environmental Systems Technician.

As an Asian American, Mi A’s ostensible quest was to pursue diversity and inclusion for people of color in our community. In addition to his participation and vigilance in this role he has served on the boards of Centre County, Pa. Drug & Alcohol Council, Citizens Advisory Committee for Facilities State College Area School District, as a member of the Counselor Advisory Council of the State College Area School District, and the Pennsylvania Facilities Managers Association. He also served as a volunteer for Leadership Centre County.

He is a recipient of the 2009 Distinguished Leader Award from the Association of Leadership Programs (ALP) that awards individuals from all over the United States. ALP recognizes exceptional community leadership program graduates for exemplifying the spirit and goals for civic involvement and trusteeship and for making notable contributions for the betterment of their communities.

Here’s what he has to say about his time in LEADERSHIP:​

LEADERSHIP helped me get involved with community groups and activities to contribute in a productive and effective way. My experience as a longtime resident and my personal journey has given me the knowledge to guide and educate the community on important issues and contribute effectively while serving with community organizations. Currently, I serve on the Centre County Drug and Alcohol Council, the SCASD Citizens Advisory Committee for Facilities, and the SCASD Counselor Advisory Council.

I was so impressed with how collaborative the community service groups were and how well they work together. Building relationships with people — that’s what leadership is all about, people.

You will have an opportunity to open your mind and heart to learn about new ideas and express your own. You will become inspired and motivated to be a change agent for our community. You will also make amazing and lasting friendships. And finally, I can say that I have been put in many leadership positions in school, the service, and work. LEADERSHIP taught me to listen to others and realize that my ideas and thoughts may not be right one. I discovered a leader is more effective when you learn from those you are leading. LEADERSHIP taught me that it isn’t about me, but those you are leading, and you must empower them to lead themselves. It is a life changing experience.