Alumni Impact

Elevating Leadership Centre County.

“I am extremely committed to servant leadership”

Alison Kurtz


Alison Kurtz, Class of 2007, is a former Vice President of Leadership Centre County. Along with her role as the president of Ameron Construction, she continues to sit on LEADERSHIP’S Governance Committee and Leadership Skills Day Committee. —-

Here’s what she has to say about her time in LEADERSHIP:

I honestly can’t remember who told me to join, but I am glad I did. It was fantastic! I made lifelong friends through the program and although I grew up in Centre County, I didn’t expect to learn as much about the area as I did. My favorite part of the organization is the people for sure.

Because I believed in the organization, I wanted to support it and I am extremely committed to servant leadership which benefits our community – I joined the board. I served on the board from 2013 to 2016 and when I was Vice President of Leadership Centre County, I mainly provided oversight and governance. I feel that my most important duties revolve around the governance committee, which includes making policies and positioning the organization for continued success.

When people graduate from LEADERSHIP, they tend to get more involved in the community. We are training people to give back to the community by serving in volunteer positions on boards. LEADERSHIP creates a large pool of servant leadership, which in end makes the community stronger and more vibrant.