Leadership Centre County

More about the Ron Haring Award…..

Process: The LCC nominating committee presents nominations submitted to them by former LCC BOD presidents to all former and current board members who vote to select the recipient.


1997   Diane Kerly
1998   Charles Brown
1999   Robert Ricketts
2000   James Campbell
2001   Stuart Spisak and Ann Guss
2002   Fran Stevenson
2003   Brad Lunsford
2004   Lydia Abdullah
2005   Pam Francis
2006   Paul Silvis
2007   James Erickson
2008   Larry Walker
2009   Carol Eicher
2010   Cyndee Graves
2011   Eric Loop
2012   Judy Loy
2013   Betsy Dupuis
2014 Jason Fralick
2015 Conal Carr
2016 Thomas Schrack
2017 Rick Tetzlaff