Leadership Centre County

CSA Detail


1.     Nominees to include an individual, group of individuals, private, public, for profit or non-profit organization operating or residing within Centre County.
2.     Nominees shall be of reputable character and shall exemplify the leadership characteristics as determined by the current LCC class.
3.     Nominees, through their deeds and/or service shall have demonstrated a dedication toward the improvement of the quality of life within Centre County, or promoted, in some form,  the health, safety and/or welfare of Centre County residents.
4.     Nominees shall have devoted time and energy to the community in a meaningful way and shall have demonstrated community vision and pride.

Basis for Consideration:

1.     The type of service or contribution made to the community and its impact.
2.     Non-public figures are appropriate.
3.     All regions of the county shall be included in the pool of nominees.
4.     Creativity, dedication, degree of involvement and capacity to overcome obstacles.


1997   Centre Hall Library Association
1998   The Community of Philipsburg: Bicentennial Committee, The Rowland Theatre Restoration Group and Philipsburg Hospital
1999   Centre County Youth Service Bureau
2000   Centre County Toys for Tots
2001   Tri-County Habitat for Humanity
2002   State College Area Meals on Wheels
2003   Bellefonte Family YMCA, Kalen Brice Memorial
2004   Centre Volunteers in Medicine
2005   Centre County Women’s Resource Center
2006   The FaithCentre
2007   Community Help Center
2008   Food Bank of State College Area, Inc.
2009   Centre County United Way
2010   ClearWater Conservancy
2011   Housing Transitions, Inc.
2012   Young People Who Care, Inc.
2013   Centre County Child Access Center
2014 Maternal Child Care Program
2015 Centre County Office of Adult Services
2016 YMCA BackPack Program
2017 Hearts for Homeless