Leadership Centre County

Scholarship Application Form

Tuition for LEADERSHIP CENTRE COUNTY is estimated to be $2040, of which $50 will be submitted directly to the scholarship fund.

The policy of LEADERSHIP CENTRE COUNTY is to provide financial/scholarship assistance (not to exceed 50%) to those candidates who are accepted into the program and demonstrate need in order to fully participate.  Financial assistance/scholarship is based on the number of requests received and the amount of funds available each year.  A payment plan for tuition may be established and the payment must be paid in full by December 1st of the program year.

Consideration for financial/scholarship assistance is based primarily on demonstrated need (priority is given to those applicants who are employed in the non-profit sector, self-employed or not employed).  Applicants wishing to be considered for assistance must complete the following information and submit it to LEADERSHIP CENTRE COUNTY by April 18, 2018.  Statements from both applicant and employer must be attached to Tuition Grant Application.  Financial assistance request will not be part of the selection process; scholarship monies will be allocated once selection of the class is complete.


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