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  • I understand that Leadership Centre County is a learning experience that expects attendance at all program sessions and completion of all assignments. Attendance at the Fall two-day retreat on is a requirement for participation in the program and necessary for graduation. I understand that I may miss no more than one of the remaining program days and that any part of a program day missed counts as a full day missed. In addition, I understand that the Leadership Centre County programming, which features education about Centre County, networking and exposure to community issues, leaders and content experts, is intended to build on the skills I already possess or have/will accrue through my own professional development. I understand that LCC does not provide training in leadership skills in the traditional sense. This is what I expect and what I am looking for in the yearlong LCC experience. Upon successful completion of this program, I will assume a more active and effective volunteer role by committing to at least a year of service to a Centre County community organization.