Leadership Centre County

Annual Awards

Community Service Award

Each year, the current class members select an individual or organization to honor for their work in Centre County.  Class members nominate the candidates then select the award recipient from amongst the nominees.  Check out the worthy organizations and find out more information HERE!

The Ron S. Haring Award

The Ron S. Haring Award, is given annually to recognize outstanding contributions to Leadership Centre County (LCC).  The award is named for LCC’s founder and first president, Ron Haring, a Senior vice president at Northwest Savings Bank and 1988 graduate of Leadership Warren (Ohio), and is intended to honor a past or current board member of LCC who has made an outstanding contribution to Leadership Centre.  Look at who has made these outstanding contributions and get more info about the Ron Haring Award HERE!

DSCN0587 (2)The Robert D. Ricketts Award

Purpose:  To recognize outstanding teachers/presenters/motivators in support of Leadership Centre County.  This award will be presented only when there is a worthy recipient, no more than every other year.


The Robert D. Ricketts Award Recipients
2007   Robert D. Ricketts
2008   Leon Stout
2010   James Nolan

Leadership Centre County Eagle Awards

EagleLeadership Centre County first awarded the Eagle Award to sponsors pledging a minimum of $5,000 over 5 years. As support for LCC has increased over the years, the LCC Development committee expanded the reach for this award which now has three levels:

Golden (accumulated over a lifetime of over $25,000)
Silver (between $15,000 and 24,999)
Bronze (between $5,000 and $15,000).  To see who our Eagle sponsors are, CLICK HERE.