Leadership Centre County

Frequently Asked Questions

LCC is your community leadership development organization. Our vision is for a vibrant Centre County built upon robust servant leadership. We believe this can be accomplished three ways: through education – about the county we live in; information – about the issues at
hand, the people engaged, the agencies that serve and the process of engagement; and networking – exposure to fellow citizens so you know who to call to get things done on behalf of all of us.


What exactly is Leadership Centre County?

Leadership Centre County is a community leadership development organization.  Our mission is to educate participants about the needs, available services, strengths, opportunities and current issues in our community.  Our overall goal is to increase the leadership pool within the county with folks who are well informed, networked and qualified to lead. We accomplish this through two different programs: our Community Leadership Program (CLP) and the Transformational Leader Series (TLS)

Through a succession of 11 program days, held once a month throughout the program year, class participants in the CLP are exposed to the various aspects of the community to include history, health and human services, governance, economy, environment, education, and the arts. In addition, there is the opportunity to cultivate communication skills and dialogue with community leaders.

The Transformational Leader Series is comprised of a series of workshops (4 to 5 per annum) intended to increase the capacity of non profit leaders, volunteers and board members.  The workshops are held throughout the year and open to the public.

So do you teach leadership skills?

Learning is focused on problem-solving, specific information about the community, and ways to make a contribution to the community.

In the Community Leadership Program we cover the following civic issues: The Community Leadership Program covers the following Leadership Development topics: The Transformational Leader Series addresses such trusteeship topics as:
  • Arts and Culture
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environment the Sustainability
  • Governance/Politics
  • Health and Human Resources
  • History
  • Law Enforcement
  • Balance
  • Ethics
  • Group Process
  • Self-Awareness
  • Understanding Motives
  • Fundraising
  • Governance
  • Non-Profit Financials
  • Leadership
  • Staff-Board Relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Employment Law


Tell me again why people want to participate in LCC programs?

Candidates for participation in the Community Leadership Program (CLP) are concerned about the future. The future of their neighborhoods, their schools, their environment, their community planning and infrastructure and the quality of life in Centre County. They are interested in learning more about the history of the region and how to best leave a lasting legacy. They want involvement – but don’t yet know how best to do that. Leadership Centre County is a key learning experience enabling them to make an informed choice.  Those who enroll in the Transformational Leaders Series (TLS), our public workshops, are seeking to improve their effectiveness as community leaders and volunteers.

How would I get into the Community Leadership Program?

Nominations for new class members are accepted year-round from LCC alumni and community members. In January, nominees are notified and directed to LCC’s web page to formally apply. The applications are reviewed by the recruitment and selection committee in May and selected class members are notified of their inclusion in the next class by mid-June. Contact the Executive Director at 238-5559 for more information.

How much does the CLP cost?

Leadership Centre County has a small operating budget supported primarily by tuition revenue. Naturally, tuition increases as operating costs go up. The tuition for the class of 2019 is $2040. For the most part, participants’ employers cover the cost of tuition, however in those cases where this is not true, scholarship funding is available to partially offset the tuition.

What will I pay for the TLS workshops?

These workshops are designed to take place at times most convenient for you – usually after work from 5:15 to 7 PM.  they are designed to be affordable to all community members.  Current workshop registration fees are currently $20 per workshop.

Ok, now I think I get what graduates from the CLP will give as a result of their involvement, what can I expect to get out of it?

Participants have noted over the years that although they might have lived in Centre County all their lives or for a number of years – they are surprised and delighted to discover hidden facets of our community through their participation in the program. Faculty are well chosen for their level of expertise, various field trips provide unique experiences, and the attention to detail devoted to the development of each program day curriculum ensures constant learning and “ah hah” experiences. In addition, the bonding and networking with the members of the class forges relationships that endure years beyond – laying groundwork for friendships, networking, collaboration and future employment opportunities. Last but not least, members’ participation in the program is essential to their decision as to how they can best serve the community. They are no longer throwing darts at the board – they have a clearer sense where they fit in, how to get involved, what organization can best use their special talents, who to call and what the commitment will look like.

The commitment to attend eleven (11) program days/events a year is a huge one for most folks.

What if I commit then stumble on a conflict for attending a program day throughout the year?

Participants and their employers must be willing to commit the necessary time to participate in the CLP. Attendance at a mandatory two-day retreat (scheduled on a non-football weekend in the fall) is used to discuss communications as a tool in leadership effectiveness and to unite the class prior to the program day series. The role in understanding the relationships between their community and the county-at-large becomes clearer. Thereafter, the program days are held at locations throughout the county on the first Wednesday of the month.

New members sign a commitment form upon acceptance into the class pledging attendance at the mandatory orientation reception event in September and the mandatory fall retreat. In addition they are required to attend 9 of the 10 remaining programs days in order to graduate.