Leadership Centre County

Board of Directors & Staff

Angelique Bacon-Woodard
Class of 2011
Penn State, Scholar in Residence


Berbec_Susan (15-LCC-MS) 4314 (512x640) (2)Susan Berbec
Class of 2016
Centre Life Link, Controller


Black_Michael 102 Michael Black
Class of 2011
Black Sun, Creative Director/Photographer


Feather ChadChad Feather
Class of 2007
M&T Bank, VP Commercial Branch Manager



kimfragolaKimberly Fragola
Class of 2003,
CATA, Director of Finance



Francis_Pam (15-LCC-MS) 4378Pamela Francis
Class of 1999, Retired Educator



Frank_Brent 015Brent Frank
Class of 2011
MidPenn Legal Services, Regional Manager


Friedman_Jonathan (13-LCC-MS) 7966 Jonathan Friedman
Class of 2014
Friedman Real Estate Group, Real Estate Attorney


Ronald S. Haring
Lifetime Emeritus Director


HolmesDonna Holmes
Class of 2005
Northwest Savings Bank, Commercial Lender


Jordan-Allen_DianeWilliam Kelly
Class of 2010
AccuWeather, Assistant Controller



Kurtz_AlisonAlison Kurtz
Class of 2007
Ameron Construction Co., Inc., President


Loy JudyJudy Loy
Board Vice Chair
Class of 2005
Nestlerode & Loy, Inc., Chief Executive Officer


Jeannine Lozier
Community Outreach Director
Class of 2012
Mount Nittany Health System


Miles_Phillip 042Phillip Miles
Class of 2011
McQuiade Blasko, Inc. Attorney


Penney_Sophie 6877Sophie Penney
Board Chair
Class of 2012
Foxdale Village, Director of Development


Pam Richards-Visnovsky
Assistant Director
Class of 2011
ABS Conference Services & Desk Operations Penn State


Matt Wise
Constituent Field Representative
For Senator Jake Corman
Class of 2014




Abbey_Georgia (15-LCC-MS) 4376


Georgia Abbey
Class of 2012
Leadership Centre County, CEO


Kolarik_Cindy (15-LCC-MS) 4372

Cindy Kolarik
Leadership Centre County, Director, Marketing Communications and Outreach